In today’s software world, QuickBooks is one of the most famous and simple to use accounting software. This software is utilized by several pocket-sized as well as medium-sized companies throughout the globe. It presents users with an easy yet effective interface which makes it simpler for them to get the job of assembling all the required data ready.

However, for someone who has no idea how to download and install QuickBooks, it may be seen as a big problem when it comes to setting up QuickBooks on their smart devices. So, in this blog post, we are going to share what QuickBooks is, how to download QuickBooks, and the easy steps to install QuickBooks. Let’s begin!


What Is QuickBooks?

These days, accounting tools are the backbone of any business or company, as they provide excellent aid and wonderful freedom in terms of overseeing important data.

This year, Install QuickBooks Desktop 2021 is one of the best accounting software that presents a cloud-based subscription service. This service means that you could easily get into the whole database from any place and anytime without any difficulty whatsoever.

In addition to this, the most excellent component of QuickBooks is that it is only one-time buy software which makes it extremely beneficial and has a wonderful ROI (return on investment).


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Most Newest Features Of QuickBooks Desktop

Let’s take a quick look at the wonderful features of the QuickBooks desktop:


1- Payroll liability and payment reminder:

This amazing feature of the QB desktop determines that you and your customers are prompted by forthcoming payroll liabilities payments.  

2- Mobile inventory scanning:

With this feature, you can choose numbers at the warehouse by applying a barcode on a device or android smartphone to track record inventory.  

3- Cash toggle on reports:

This specific feature permits you to easily toggle exhibited reports between hard cash or accumulation basis.  

4- Inventory report customization:

In this feature, inventory reports such as the Inventory valuation brief or detail, Inventory stock level by item, and gathering scarcity by item have an alternative to tailor display.  

5- Merge vendor record:

This unique aspect presents a combined window to effectively recognize as well as merge replicated vendor records.  

6- Updated email security:

This special feature helps to safely send emails from Gmail, Outlook, and Windows Live accounts via QB by utilizing enhanced multi-factor verification. Here, protection involves signing in with the Intuit ID account. As soon as you set it up, you aren't required to submit your webmail password once again when emailing from within QuickBooks.  

7- Past due to stamps on QuickBooks:

This unmatched feature provides a visual validation that a client's invoice is past due shows on the screen when an invoice has a past balance.  

8- Sales order fulfillment workflow:

With this exclusive feature, you will get easy access to picklist information on a smartphone that is linked wirelessly to a QB Enterprise file with a superior inventory. Furthermore, with this software, you get hold of real-time access to the position of sales order completion in QuickBooks enterprise.  

9- Search chart of accounts:

This hottest aspect permits you to discover and select a chart of account or sub-account simply by entering a unique account number and the account name or limited words of an account name.  

10- Multi-monitor support:

One more latest feature included here is multi-monitor support, utilizing which you could link up to three monitors from the menu bar which is in QuickBooks. Now, move to see and select the multi-monitor method.  

Easy-Going Steps to Download QuickBooks Desktop Setup

Here’s the simple procedure to download QuickBooks Desktop Setup:

1-  First of all, you need to download the correct installation file for the product and later jump to the following step.

2- Afterward, simply visit the downloads and updates page to receive the download link for the version of QuickBooks obtained previously.

  • The ProAdvisors require you to log in to the QuickBooks ProAdvisor Center just to download this accounting software.
  • Although the accountants are expected to log into CAMPS simply to download the accounting software.

To download the installation file easily, the simple steps to be strictly followed are as follows:

3- Choose the country, product, and version from the downloads’ dropdown and updates page.

4- Finally, strike on the click button from the download option.


Steps to Download QuickBooks through CD

  • Firstly, you need to eject the CD drive and put the QuickBooks software CD into it.
  • After the CD has been injected, then again, the QuickBooks installer will automatically start.
  • A dialog box will be seen on the screen with a begin button and then immediately you will have to right-click on it and choose the explorer tab.
  • Next, you require to softly move to the folder list in the explorer screen and choose QuickBooks CD.
  • Finally, launch the QuickBooks installer, and strike on the setup.exe file.


Straightforward Steps to Install QuickBooks Desktop

Get the simple process of step-by-step directions to install QuickBooks Desktop on your smart devices, ensure to strictly follow the steps mentioned below:


Step 1: Get ready for the Installation

  • To make a start the user is required to close all the moving programs in the background
  •  Set off on the file server in the system.


Step 2: Installation of QB Desktop

  • Visit the ‘QuickBooks Desktop Download’ preference for the regional version.
  • And after that, select the “Yes to All” icon.
  • Followed by striking the “Next” button.
  • The following step in the procedure is to hit on the checkbox nearby ‘Agree to License Agreement’ dialogue and shortly, click on the “Next” button.

license agreement

  • At this stage, type in the License & Product number and then hit on the “Next” button.

License and product number  

Step 3: Choice of the Installation type

1- Simply select the QuickBooks installation type on the system.

  • Alternative 1: Express: It allows the installer to make a preference for you. In case, you would like to choose the option physically then skip over step 10.
  • Alternative 2: Custom & Network Options: Select this if you’ll be utilizing numerous versions of QuickBooks Desktop on the system or if you’ll use QuickBooks to share important data with other users on a network.

2- Decide on any of the correct options where you’re utilizing the QuickBooks application:

  • I’ll be utilizing QuickBooks on this system.
  • I’ll be utilizing QuickBooks on this system, and I’ll be collecting our company file here so it could be shared over our network.
  • I won’t be utilizing QuickBooks on this system. I will be collecting our company file on this system so it could be shared over a network.

3- Pick a new location for the installation or select the “Next” button to install in the default directory.

4- Now, go to the “Install” button and open the QuickBooks.


Step 4: Turn on your QuickBooks Desktop

  • Lastly, all you must do is Activate QuickBooks and you are all ready to take off.


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QuickBooks – The Closing Words

Optimistically, above listed basic steps will facilitate you to install QuickBooks desktop software with absolute ease. Once you effectively finish all the steps, you will be capable of using this software on your smart devices.

Also, you need to ensure that you strictly follow the steps in an organized fashion. To make sure that the installation procedure does not collapse mid-way.

If you are still having a problem installing and downloading QuickBooks then please contact the 24/7 QuickBooks Support team. Our QuickBooks Support team will give you full support regarding whatever problem you are facing.