QuickBooks is advanced software that provides its vast user base with a wealth of robust features like payroll services, invoice creation, and making payments. The software also facilitates transaction recording with the bank. Naturally, if such innovative software shows error, then it will significantly impact your workflow. A common technical issue that users face is QuickBooks Banking Error 102. This error arises when some maintenance work is being conducted. There are various reasons behind the presence of error 102, QuickBooks error 6000, QuickBooks Error 3371, and many more. But there's no need to worry.

In this post, you'll find multiple QuickBooks Support solutions that will help you to troubleshoot it.


What Are The Causes Behind QuickBooks Banking Error 102?

The software is widely used by small and medium businesses to achieve their target. Take a look at the common reasons behind this banking error.

  • A technical issue with the bank's website.
  • The website of the bank may be under temporary maintenance.
  • There is an error with the server in transmitting the information between the website of the bank and QuickBooks.


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How Can You Troubleshoot QuickBooks Banking Error 102?

Fortunately, there are various QuickBooks Support solutions at your disposal. So, you don't need to get troubled much over it. Keep reading to determine how you can get rid of this error.


1. Update the account in QuickBooks Online

Check whether there are any maintenance signs on your credit card website. You can then try updating your QuickBooks online account manually. It can be done by following the procedure described below.

  • Click the Update button. You can see it in the top right corner.
  • Search for Automatic and Manual updates.
  • Now run three manual updates. Ensure that you do it during non-peak hours.


Automatic updates

Automatic updates start at 3 AM Pacific Time. The QuickBooks online server will attempt to obtain updated information for a specific account five more times to receive it in the subsequent five hours. The data received will be based on your bank shares with QuickBooks online. You can transfer new data on growth every second day or every week. Remember that you cannot switch on Auto Update ON & OFF. Keep in mind that you cannot control items that are downloaded and are there are to be added to your bank register. Follow the steps given to find out the updates time.

  • Visit the Banking menu.
  • Select Update.


Manual updates

Although a majority of accounts work properly with automatic updates, some need manual updates. You will be made aware of the need for a manual update in the 'connection interview.' Follow the points given for manual update.

  • Choose Banking.
  • Choose 'clear unwanted' if an update for only some accounts is needed.
  • Now choose update now.
  • If you view a prompt asking you to input your Multi-Factor Authentication, you need to click continue.

Manual updates will be enough for a period of three months. If there is a new listing in these 90 days, then it will download. With manual updates, you do not have to worry about leaving the days between them. You will receive the recent data in your account.


2. Check the details

It is another way to solve QuickBooks Banking Error 102. Use the URL given by your bank to log in to your bank account. If you're not able to connect, then follow the instructions below.

  • Tap on the Menu in QuickBooks. Select the Banking option.
  • Click on the Add account option. Find your bank's name here.
  • Choose your bank from the list.
  • Input your login id for the bank's website and tap on Continue.
  • Click on your bank's symbol, which you can find on the left side of your account to connect it. Next, select your credit card or bank type from the drop-down.
  • If you have an existing account, you will receive an Add+ New option for making a new account.
  • QuickBooks will download the online transaction that took place in the previous 90 days. It will also download your cc and banking transactions overnight.
  • Now choose the option of Connect. Wait for some time for the connection. You will be automatically directed to the Banking page.
  • Here you can view the transactions downloaded in the past from in the Review tab.


3. Read the account information

After you've logged in successfully, you can check any notifications or messages that you may have got from your bank. Once you go through them, you will be able to better determine the cause behind your QuickBooks Banking Error 102. You can also access and check the transactions, summary, and history of your account.


4. Wait for the bank to work on it

If you find your QuickBooks Banking Error 102 not getting resolved, you can wait for some time for the bank to take action on it. It may be possible that there is some technical glitch from your bank's side. If this is the issue, then they must be trying to fix the problem happening with your server. You are advised to hold on for at least a day before taking any subsequent action.


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5. Check whether your account is 'not new' to the bank

Sometimes, QuickBooks Banking Error 102 crops up if your account are new to the credit card or bank. It's because new accounts do not always work properly with online banking. The only QuickBooks Support solution for you at this point is to assess if your account is new. Reach out to the bank or the credit card company to address your concern.


Final Words

QuickBooks is a very functional software that entrepreneurs widely use. The software consists of a user-friendly interface. However, no piece of technology is entirely immune to errors and glitches. They can happen at any time. QuickBooks Banking Error 102 is one such error that you can now resolve easily when you encounter it. If you cannot troubleshoot it, then connect with the QuickBooks Support team by dialing their toll-free number.