QuickBooks Error 6000

Trying to access company files in QuickBooks, but a message appears saying “can’t open your company files” followed by a QuickBooks error 6000? That’s a pretty common issue that most QuickBooks users often come across.

Sometimes, it also appears with an added numeric code such as error 6000, -107, QuickBooks error code 6000, -1076, QuickBooks error code 6000, -82, etc. All these error codes signify different reasons for error 6000, it may be due to the firewall blocking the connection, or corrupted.TLG file, corrupted QuickBooks installation, and much more.

Restoring the backup and renaming the.TLG and.ND files resolve the problem, however, in case you are finding it difficult to fix the problem, then the instructions are given below can help you how to get rid of QuickBooks error 6000 in quick steps. Just stick to the blog till the bottom and follow the steps as described.


What is QuickBooks error 6000? 

It is an error that pops up when QuickBooks faces an issue in opening the company file. The following alert notification message appears on the screen as soon as the user encounters an error 6000.



Error -6000: An error occurred when QuickBooks tried to access the company file. Please try again. 

And the only thing you can do right away is click over the Ok button and fix the problem to get your QuickBooks back to work. If you don’t want to trouble yourself in following the troubleshooting steps, then you should contact QuickBooks support and one of our experts will connect with you to help you get rid of QuickBooks error code 6000.


What Causes QuickBooks Error 6000? 

There is no single reason that triggers an error 6000 in QuickBooks. The following are the different reasons that cause this issue.

  • The firewall is blocking the connection due to which QuickBooks cannot open company files.
  • Company files are corrupted.
  • Incomplete QuickBooks installation.
  • A misconfigured network connection is causing an error code 6000.TLG file is corrupted.
  • You might be trying to back up the previous QuickBooks files.
  • There could be a possibility of multiple users being logged in to the same company file.

Symptoms of QuickBooks Error 6000

While facing an error 6000, QuickBooks software gives some indications. Sometimes it simply throws an elect notification and crashes subsequently. Here are some possible indicators that show the QuickBooks application is facing an error 6000.

  •     The system starts to respond sluggishly.
  •     QuickBooks will display a notification message with details of the error written over it.
  •     QuickBooks starts freezing quite often.
  •     Your system peripherals (mouse & keyboard) will start responding slow.

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Quick Steps To Get Rid Of QuickBooks Error 6000 

To resolve QuickBooks error code 6000, you will have to first figure out the conditions where the issue has occurred. The fixation steps vary, depending on whether you’re trying to access the company file:

  • On a host system (On the same system where you have originally set up the QuickBooks accounting software).


  • On a web server or another computer.

Choose the methods given below depending on your actual situation.


Situation 1. Trying to access company on a host system 

Here is what you need to do if you are opening the company files on the same system where you have set them up.

Step 1. Backup restore


The first thing that you need to do is restore the backup and it will verify whether the problem is with it. QBW files or something else.

1- Mostly, make sure that this system is not hosting.
  • For that, you will need to open the company file.
  • Click the file tab, choose utilities from the drop-down list.
  • Click on Stop hosting multi-user access and click Yes on the confirmation window.
  • If an alert notification appears saying the “company file has to be closed,” click Yes over it.
2- The next step is to make sure that the company file path name is no more than 210 Characters.
  • To do that, you should visit the company file location.
  • Copy the file path address, paste it on your notepad, and count characters.
  •  If it exceeds then cut it down to a maximum of 210 characters.
3- Now you may restore the company file  

Step 2. Rename the .ND and .TLG file

These files are crucial for opening up the company files while in-network or multi-user mode. Sometimes, the user faces trouble opening up the QuickBooks company files, when.ND and.TLG files get corrupted causing QuickBooks error 6000. One effective way to get rid of the problem is renaming the file names by following the below steps.

  •     Visit the folders that consist of the company files.
  •     Locate the file names with.TLG and.ND as extensions.
  •     Now right-click over the file name and click Rename.
  •     Add old after extension.
  •     Close QuickBooks and re-access the company files to verify if the error code 6000 has been resolved or not.

Step 3. Open the sample company file



Sometimes the error also comes up due to a damaged QuickBooks application and to check that you must open a sample company file. If it fails to open or closes abruptly, that specifies the error is with QuickBooks installation, maybe due to a misconfigured application or damaged installation. To fix the problem, you should uninstall QuickBooks and then reinstall it.


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Situation 2. Trying to access company file on a web server or another computer

Here are the instructions that you need to follow to the company file on another computer.

Step 1. Try accessing company files locally

  •     Open the company file that contains the company file.
  •     Find the files with. the QBW extension.
  •     Copy the file and paste it on the desktop.
  •     Hold the CTRL key and open QuickBooks, see if it displays No Company Open notification.
  •     Click Open or restore the existing company file.

Step 2. Rename the .ND and .TLG file

Sometimes the damage or corrupted.ND and.TLG files also cause an error, simply renaming the files can fix the issue.

   1- Open the folder that consists of these files.    2- Search for the files with.ND and.TLG extensions.    3- Right-click on these files and click rename.    4- Add OLD after the file name.    5- Now you can open the QuickBooks database server manager and then scan the company file again.
  •  To do that, go to the Start, click All programs, open QuickBooks and click QuickBooks database server manager.
  •  Click the Start folder tab.
  •  Click the Browse button to locate the file that you want to scan.
  •  Now Click Start Scan.
  •  Finally, try accessing your company file and verify if the QuickBooks error 6000 has been resolved or not. Or else you will need to remove the tasks running in the background.

Solution 3. Close all tasks running in the background

  •     First of all, you will need to sign in as an administrator on the server.
  •     Open the Task Manager.
  •     Go to the Users tab, select the files QBW32.exe, qbupdate.exe, and QBDBmgr.exe, and then click End Job.
  •     Now you may try to open the company file in multi-user mode.

Solution 4. Set QuickBooks as an exception in QuickBooks on error 6000 

In case, clearing the tasks in the background couldn’t resolve the QuickBooks error 6000, then your antivirus program settings might be at fault. You need to take specific steps to re-configure the security software and set QuickBooks as an exception.

Simply navigate to your antivirus software, and ensure you haven’t blocked any QuickBooks file from opening.


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Reach Out To QuickBooks Support For Assistance 

We have just discussed how to eliminate the QuickBooks error 6000 in two different situations, the first one when you access QuickBooks on a host computer, and the second you are accessing QuickBooks on another PC or web server. If you have any doubt regarding the methods we have mentioned above, you may immediately contact the QuickBooks support team and get the necessary assistance.