QuickBooks has evolved into one of the most popular accounting programs on the market today. In reality, it has transformed the way accounting is done, resulting in several advantages for its users. In truth, QuickBooks has helped a lot of small and medium businesses. After being such an effective tool it still faces some errors. Many users encounter QuickBooks issues, like QuickBooks error 15222 may develop over time which may be inconvenient if they are not fixed quickly.

When you download a Payroll or QuickBooks Desktop Update, you may get QuickBooks Payroll Update Error 15222. Many customers encounter frustrating technical difficulties when using the program, such as error 15222. In this article, we will go through all the possible causes and will also suggest the most efficient ways to fix  Error 15222 QuickBooks.


Symptoms of QuickBooks Error 15222:

  • You are unable to download payroll updates.
  • QuickBooks updates are not available for download.
  • error 15222 comes on the screen as an error message.
  • QuickBooks comes to a halt for a few moments.
  • The computer's performance degrades dramatically.


What is the Cause of QuickBooks Error 15222?

When users try to download a QuickBooks Payroll or update QuickBooks Desktop, they usually obtain the QuickBooks error 15222.

So, here are a few explanations for why this problem occurs.

  • The QuickBooks Desktop update is viewed as a danger by antivirus and firewall software, as well as antispyware, anti-adware, and antimalware software.
  • Internet Explorer is not set as the default browser.
  • The digital signatures in the register aren't working.


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How to fix QuickBooks Error 15222

Follow the procedures outlined below to fix QuickBooks Payroll Error 15222.

Solution1: Install digital signature certificate

We'll need to install a digital signal certificate before we can close QuickBooks Desktop. It should be exhausted at the start since the Digital Signature tab will not be visible if Quickbooks is open.

install certification

  • Then we need to try right-clicking on QBW32.exe in C: Program Files intuit QuickBooks and selecting Properties.
  • Then, under the Digital Signature tab, click. It should be made certain that Intuit, Inc. is selected from the signature list in this scenario.
  • Install Certificate should then be selected from the Certificate window.


  • Once the completion symbol appears on your computer screen, click on the 'Next' tab.
  • Go ahead and click the 'Finish' button now.
  • After that, restart your computer.
  • Now you can quickly get the updates by opening QuickBooks.
  • Re-download the updates.

This should fix Error 15222 but if not you can try the next mentioned fix for the error.


Solution 2: Make Internet Explorer the default browser on your computer.

This method may be unpopular for obvious reasons, but you must do it for the time being. After the QuickBooks error 15222 has been addressed, you can change your default browser. So, let's see how to do this.


  • Launch the Internet Explorer web browser.
  • Select Internet Options from the menu.
  • Make the make default option your default program by going to the Programs tab and clicking it.
  • To continue, press the Ok button.
  • Reinstall the QuickBooks program if necessary.


Solution 3: If you use anti-adware, anti-spyware, antivirus software, do the following:

If any of the above-mentioned software is blocking the files qbw32.exe and qbupdate.exe, as well as the domains Intuit.com, QuickBooks.com, and Payroll.com, you must change their settings to exempt the files qbw32.exe and qbupdate.exe and Intuit.com, QuickBooks.com, and Payroll.com.

Antimalware software that has been exempted will no longer create QuickBooks Payroll Error 15222.


Solution No. 4: Disable the Windows Firewall

To turn off Windows Firewall, perform these steps:

  • click the 'Start' button.
  • Go to the 'Settings' menu.
  • Then select the 'Windows Security' option.
  • Select 'Firewall and Network Protection' from the 'Windows Security' menu.
  • Screenshot of the Firewall and Network Protection
  • In that order, choose 'Public Network,' 'Domain,' and 'Private Network.'
  • Turn off the 'Windows Defender Firewall' that protects against network kinds.


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Last but not least...!

These instructions are simple to follow, and users may quickly resolve the QuickBooks error 15222. However, if the issue persists, contact our QuickBooks Payroll Support staff. Our Accounting specialists will provide you with a practical answer to your QuickBooks-related issues.