Script error codes are quite bewildering errors that users face when working on QuickBooks company files. These errors give no data concerning the cause of the error. A QuickBooks script error also showcases a message that an average user cannot comprehend. People facing this error wonder about the ways by which they can resolve them. Troubleshooting this error is important if you want to keep using the accounting software efficiently. But don’t worry if you have recently encountered this error or are dealing with it at the moment. In this article, you’ll learn about all the different ways you can fix it.


What Is QuickBooks Script Error?


This type of error is associated with internet explorers. By default, QuickBooks utilizes the setting of the internet explorer to link with the internet. If there is an installation error in the VB Script or JavaScript, then a script error will likely surface. 

Also, suppose the internet explorer is not able to run any of these languages. In that case, you’ll see a script error message. This message reads as follows, ‘QuickBooks Script Error Unable To Get Property Length of Undefined or Null Reference.’ But you may be quite surprised to discover that troubleshooting this error does not require much work. You can easily resolve it by resetting the setting of internet explorer.


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What Are the Causes Behind the QuickBooks Script Error?

This error is usually associated with the settings of internet explorer. As a QuickBooks user, you may be aware of the fact that this software is engineered to operate with internet explorer with much efficiency. If you use a poorly configured or obsolete internet browser, then the likelihood of you facing the script error dramatically increases. Here are some other reasons related to the internet explorer that cause this error.

  • The browser is not set favorably to the QB software.
  • When the user makes the page request, and the internet explorer is running, then the script error gets triggered.
  • When QuickBooks is not synced with internet explorer, you are likely to encounter this error.


How Do You Find out the Occurrence of the QB Desktop Script Error?

To know exactly what is a script error in QuickBooks, you need to know how to identify it when it arises. This error will give you various signals. Take note of the following indications 

  • The presence of an error message when inputting bank feeds from the bank website.
  • While loading the QBO, you find the process to time out.
  • The Internet performs very slowly.
  • Your system responds sluggishly to the various mouse and keyboard inputs.
  • You encounter the error when you log into QBO internet explorer.
  • You find an error message warning and are made to choose between running or canceling the script.
  • The Windows block when you try to log in.


Different Ways to Fix the QuickBooks Script Error

There are numerous ways for QuickBooks script error removal. Now that you are well aware of the causes and symptoms of the error, you will better understand how to fix it.


Delete the cache data of your default browser

If there are any cookies, temporary internet files, or history in your browser, you will likely face the script error. Thus, you need to clear the cache data to resolve this error. Follow the steps below to correctly clear your browser’s cache data.

  • In internet explorer, choose ‘Tools.’
  • Next, tap ‘Internet Options’ and repeat this same action for the tab ‘General.’
  • Below ‘Browser History,’ find the ‘Delete’ option and tap it.
  • Tick mark those options you wish to delete before confirming the selections.
  • Now, tap ‘OK.’


Disable add-ons on the internet explorer

Ensure that there are no add-ons on the browser you are using. If you find any, disable them as follows.



  • Navigate to the ‘Tools’ part in the internet explorer.
  • Next, choose ‘Internet Options.’
  • Select ‘Programs’ and then in another tab, tap ‘Manage add-ons.’
  • Choose ‘Disable add-ons.’ After that, tap ‘OK’ for confirming your selections.


Add Intuit as a reliable or trusted website

It is another effective way to eliminate this error. To add Intuit as a trusted website, follow these steps.


  • Launch internet explorer and navigate to the ‘Security’ tab.
  • Below the ‘Trusted Sites’ part, add ‘’ as a trusted site. Then navigate back to the window of ‘Trusted Sites.’
  • Now you can unmark the option of ‘Require server verification (’
  • Close the window of ‘Trusted Sites’ then unmark the option of ‘Enable Protected Mode.’
  • Close the internet explorer and run QB Desktop again. 


Activate the Internet Explorer 11 again on Windows 10

Reactivating Internet Explorer 11 can also help you fix the script error in QuickBooks. Follow these steps for reactivating internet explorer 11. 

  • Hit ‘Windows + R’ keys and then input the control panel in the computer’s search box.
  • Hit Enter and find and tap the option of ‘Add/Remove Program.’
  • Navigate to the section of ‘Turn Windows features on or off’ and untick the checkmark beside the Internet Explorer 11 option.
  • Reboot your system’s Windows and go to the same settings again. 
  • Enable the Internet Explorer 11 again by placing a checkmark beside it and starting your Windows PC again.
  • Execute the same actions again that was causing the script error and see if the error gets resolved. 


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Add the URL present in error to the list of restricted websites in QB

Adding the URL present in the error message to the list of all the restricted websites in your software is another technique for the QuickBooks script error removal. You can do it as follows.

  • Launch QuickBooks. From the tab of ‘Help’ tap ‘Internet Connection Setup.’
  • Tap ‘Next.’ Then click ‘Advanced Connection Settings.’
  • Tap the ‘Restricted Sites’ option from the ‘Security’ tab.
  • Now hit ‘Sites’, then copy and paste the URL that you received in the error message.
  • After that, tap ‘Add’ and then tap ‘Close.’
  • Lastly, click ‘OK’ and then ‘Done’ so that all the changes get saved. This troubleshooting method will allow you to fix this error in QuickBooks 2020. You can fix the error in any QB version also.


Disable the script error notification

It is a simple way by which you can resolve this particular error code. Turn off the script error by following the instructions below.

  • Launch Internet Explorer and tap the icon of ‘Tool.’ You can see it in the top right corner.
  • Tap the ‘Internet Options’ and go to the ‘Advanced’ tab.
  • Untick the checkmark from the option of ‘Display a notification about every script error.’
  • Now, tap ‘OK’ to save the settings you have made. 


Final Words 

Hopefully, you will find it easy to diagnose and troubleshoot the QuickBooks script error now. This particular error is typically associated with the internet explorer settings. After you recognize it from its various symptoms, you can troubleshoot it. But if you cannot get rid of the error by yourself, do not hesitate in contacting QuickBooks technical support anytime. The experts have specialized knowledge of handling various errors. They are happy to provide you with assistance and guidance when the need arises.