Yes, you can reprint checks in QuickBooks using various methods. QuickBooks is a multi-purpose software. From managing bank accounts to providing payroll services. You can track your bank transactions, record them, and get complete data for further deduction in taxes. As a result, it lets you print checks but, sometimes, misplaced checks or jam when printing causes a problem. You need not worry! You can always reprint checks in QuickBooks without any hassle. 

Whether it's one check or more than one, you can reprint checks in QuickBooks desktop/online easily. All you need to do is have awareness of the process and use the correct methods. 

So, do you know how to reprint checks in QuickBooks? If not, use this guide. Here, we will teach you to find the check and reprint the check-in QuickBooks online & on a desktop. 

Are you ready? Let’s get started!


Why Do You Need to Reprint Checks in QuickBooks?

Since QuickBooks manages the user's payroll and billing functions, it also lets them print the check. But, why do you reprint the check-in QuickBooks? 

  • First, your printed check is misplaced
  • Second, the previously printed check has caused an issue in the printer
  • Third, reprinting the checks for personal use
  • Finally, your printed check is stuck or damaged while printing from the printer


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How to Reprint Checks in QuickBooks Desktop & QuickBooks Online?

There are different methods for reprinting checks in QuickBooks. For instance, to reprint a single check, you can go to the payroll check or charts of accounts. But, to reprint multiple checks, the methods will vary.  

But, first thing first and that’s finding the check. 


Find Checks in QuickBooks 

Before moving on to how to reprint checks in QuickBooks online/desktop; let’s find the check-in QuickBooks using the steps below:  

  • Login to QuickBooks
  • Go to the check and select it.
  • Now, choose the print preview option. 
  • After that, tap on the Add Checks option. 
  • Then, tap on the Printers tab. 
  • You will get your check printed. 


Case I - Reprint A Paycheck - Use Any of These 3 Methods

Moving forward, here are three methods to reprint the check and paycheck. You can try any of these and print the check again. 


Method 1: Reprint via Payroll Check

To reprint checks in QuickBooks desktop and QuickBooks Online go to the Payroll check option: 

  • First, open your QuickBooks desktop. 
  • Login to the account using your user id and password. 
  • Now, from the top navigation pane, choose the employee option.
  • It will open a drop-down menu. 
  • From here, select the option Edit paychecks
  • Now, pick a date range or select as per your requirements. 
  • Enter the start date and end date you want to print the check for. 
  • Press the enter button. 
  • Moving forward, double tap on the payroll check.
  • Then, tap on the Print tab. 

Once you process the check for printing, wait for some time to get it. Now, tap on the Exit button and close the QuickBooks window.  


Method 2: Print via Charts of Accounts

To reprint checks in QuickBooks desktop/Online, go to the Charts of Accounts: 

  • Open and log in to your QuickBooks account. 
  • Then, head to the list of opinions and select it. 
  • From here, select the option "Charts of Accounts." 
  • Now, go to Check Accounts and double tap on it. 
  • To proceed, choose the check you want to print. 
  • At last, tap on the Print icon. 

After you give the command for printing, please don’t forget to select the Save button. Later, you can exit and close the QuickBooks window. 


Method 3: Print Using Edit or Void Checks

To learn how to reprint checks in QuickBooks Online, go to the Edit or Void check option: 

  • Open QuickBooks. Login to the account. 
  • Now, select the Edit or Void Checks option. 
  • A message box will pop up. It will be showing paychecks. 
  • Enter the date of your paycheck here. 
  • Double-tap on the employee’s name and view the paycheck. 
  • Now, select the print option. 
  • It's time to enter the verification code

After that, tap on the OK button, and the process of printing the check will end. 


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Case - II: Reprint Multiple Paychecks

The paycheck is one such thing, you may need it for several purposes. Therefore, if you want to reprint more than one check-in QuickBooks, see the instructions. You can follow them and also reprint the checks. 

  • To begin, log in to your QuickBooks desktop. 
  • Now, navigate to the transactions tab. 
  • After that, double-tap on the paychecks to reprint and select it. 
  • Then, tap on the "print later" option. 
  • Also, tap on the Save button. 
  • Once done, close it. ‘

Please repeat the same steps; for all checks, you want to print and not mark to be printed. 

  • Now, get ready to print the paperwork by following the paychecks. 
  • Check the boxes for all the paychecks you want to print. 
  • At last, hit the OK button. 


Find Your Original Check Number In QuickBooks 

Are you looking for the original paycheck number? It’s easy. Follow the steps mentioned here and you can get the original check number: 

  • Launch and log in to the QuickBooks desktop. 
  • Then, navigate to the Banking menu. 
  • Now, choose the "Write Checks" option. 
  • After that, enter the date in the Date box. It should match the original check date. 
  • Locate and enter the employee’s name in the order field. 
  • And, enter 0.01 in the Amount box. 

You can copy the data in the memo box if necessary. 

  • Now, navigate to the Expense tab. 
  • From here, choose the Banking menu.
  • After that, tap on the Use Register option. 
  • Now, locate and tap on the check you just created and highlight it. 
  • To end the process, select the Edit button. 
  • And, tick the "Void Check" option. 


Additional Information [Print a clear check and sales form in QuickBooks]

Apart from reprinting the check-in QuickBooks, two other categories of checks exist. First is the clear check and the other is the sales form. If you want to print them or reprint them, you can read this section. And, learn how to reprint in QuickBooks desktop/online Clear check and sales forms. 


Print a Cleared Check-in QB When Reprinting Checks and Paychecks 

Is your check cleared already? No worries! QuickBooks gives you the flexibility to print it. See the steps below: 

  • First, in QuickBooks, go to the Reports section. 
  • Here, provide the check details of a clear check that you want to print. 
  • Now, choose Customization from the drop-down menu. 
  • Then, move to the Filter option. 
  • Here, select "Check print."
  • After that, tap the "Printed" option from the menu. 
  • Finally, click on the Run Report option.


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Reprint the Sales Form in QuickBooks 

You can also print and reprint the sales form in QuickBooks. It’s just 5 steps. Let’s reprint the sales form in QuickBooks.  

  • In your QuickBooks, on the top of the page, choose the magnifying glass icon. 
  • Here, search for the sales form. You need to enter the number, date, and amount. 
  • Press the enter button. 
  • You will see a list of recent transactions. Locate the Sale
  • Once you find it, tap on the Print or Preview option. 


Winding up: 

Users can easily reprint checks in QuickBooks at any moment with this feature. As a result, we hope that this advice will assist you with reprinting the paycheck. You can always reprint the check, whether you lost it or merely wanted it. It also allows you to print the sales form and even a cleared check by following the steps outlined in the instruction. For any accounting or bookkeeping program, this is extremely outstanding.

Apart from that, please let us know whether you can reprint a check by following this guide. If you require assistance or have a question, please do not hesitate to contact us.